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The Core

Demon Cycle 05: The Core

Synopsis For time out of mind, bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half-forgotten magics to protect …

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The Skull Throne

Demon Cycle 04: The Skull Throne

Synopsis The Skull Throne of Krasia stands empty. Built from the skulls of fallen generals and demon princes, it is a seat of honor and …

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The Daylight War

Demon Cycle 03: The Daylight War

Synopsis On the night of the new moon, the demons rise in force, seeking the deaths of two men both of whom have the potential …

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The Desert Spear

Demon Cycle 02: The Desert Spear

Synopsis The sun is setting on humanity. The night now belongs to voracious demons that prey upon a dwindling population forced to cower behind half-forgotten …

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The Warded Man

Demon Cycle 01: The Warded Man

Synopsis As darkness falls after sunset, the corelings rise — demons who possess supernatural powers and burn with a consuming hatred of humanity. For hundreds …

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