We all accept review requests, though removed the email due to lots of spam. It is best to contact us via social media. You can find our details on the 'Team' page.


However, we are often very busy. We each get a lot of ARCs via NetGalley and others directly, so please be patient. Also, please don't be rude if we are unable to accommodate a request, or provide a review you are not happy with. We do this because we enjoy reading and being a part of the community; our reviews are honest.

Of course. We love being a part of the book community and are open to like-minded people joining us. We may ask you to write a trial review first. Please contact John (Interplanetary Dragon).

What you include in your posts is up to you, providing it contains nothing inappropriate (adult material, trolling, abuse etc.). I do ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines to ensure the site remains organised, but they are minor:

  1. Use a 5-star review system (includes half stars)
  2. Always use a featured image. For reviews use the book cover. For non-reviews use something appropiate.
    1. The featured image is important because it become the thumbnail for post excerpts, RSS feeds and when you share you review via social media.
  3. Always add posts to the appropriate category/categories. You are able to create author categories if they do not yet exist.
    1. Note: please do not use the top-level genres ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Sci-fi’. Always select a sub-genre,
      such as ‘Dark/Grimdark’, ‘Space Opera’, and ‘Epic Fantasy

We don't have any minimum commitments, other then ensure you contribute. For example, it's fine if you do one review every couple of months.

Of course. If you have a reading challenge, charity event, book tour etc. that you'd like us to join or help promote, please get in contact.

We love to interview authors and worldbuilders!

Sure! If you're another blogger with an idea, or an author or publisher who'd like to join forces for an event, giveaway, promotion etc. please get in touch.

We do do book giveaways. You'll find information on social media and in the 'Bookish Thoughts' section of our blog.

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