Category: Aliette de Bodard

Fireheart Tiger

Fire burns bright and has a long memory…. Quiet, thoughtful princess Thanh was sent away as a hostage to the powerful faraway country of Ephteria …

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The Book of Dragons: An Anthology

Synopsis Here there be dragons . . . From China to Europe, Africa to North America, dragons have long captured our imagination in myth and …

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Servantof the Underworld

Obsidian and Blood 01: Servant of the Underworld

Synopsis Year One-Knife, Tenochtitlan – the capital of the Aztecs. The end of the world is kept at bay only by the magic of human …

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Epic: Legends of Fantasy

Synopsis From the creation myths and quest sagas of ancient times to the megapopular fantasy novels of today, this quintessential anthology of epic fantasy is …

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