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The Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy

My World Part 04a: Proof of Concept Map Design

I was sat in the garden reading, a month or two ago, looked up and had this idea. Why not use the random formation of clouds as the shape of land masses, both for larger continents and small islands. Clouds are also random in their distribution of colour, which I …

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Currency Version 2

My World Part 02b: Currency Version 2

I mentioned in the first post on currency that I would consider using ratios of 28:1 (iron to copper), 13:1 (copper to silver), and 4:1 (silver to gold) in my currency system. For me, the main reason to use these ratios is to keep the theme of using the important …

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Weights and Measures

My World Part 03b: Weights and Measures (2/2–artwork)

I thought I’d have a go at the artwork for my weights and measures system, as I did with the ‘Cyclic Calendar‘ and ‘Currency‘ system. The idea of the artwork it to create an information leaflet of sorts. One that looks old and dated and could be used in a …

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Weights and Measures

My World Part 03a: Weights and Measures (1/2)

Following ‘Cyclic Calendar‘ and ‘Currency‘ I decided to explore weights and measures, namely: length, volume, area and weight. I’ve yet to consider measurements of time, and expect I’ll stick to second, minutes and hours. We have several options when implementing measurements in a fantasy world. I considered metric, imperial, hybrid …

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Currency Version 1

My World Part 02a: Currency

Having come up with my own calendar (Cyclic Calendar), I decided to focus on currency. Many of my initial thoughts were based on the metric system we use in the real-world–I thought that isn’t my own system; it’s just renaming currency. Where’s the creativity? The originality? Then it came to …

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Cyclic Calendar

My World Part 01: Cyclic Calendar

I’ve been thinking about writing a fantasy novel for a while. Fragmented thoughts regarding story arcs, key events to define characters, social & political structures, economical factors races and how to end one book to lead into another, but as of yet nothing solid. I haven’t actually sat down to …

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Brandon Sanderson Lecture

So… you want to be an author?

I came across this course, by Brandon Sanderson, through a Twitter post (below) by Evan Winter–the author of the brilliant book ‘The Rage of Dragons’. The course Winter linked to appears to be a new course, which at the time of writing, only has one video. There is however a …

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