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If you would like to contribute please contact John–Interplanetary Dragon.

What you include in your posts is up to you, providing it contains nothing inappropriate (adult material, trolling, abuse etc.). I do ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines in order to ensure the archive is well organised and content is easy to find for readers (tutorial here):

Use a 5-star system for reviews. You can find the 5-star control under ‘Jetpack’.

Always use a featured image. For reviews use the book cover. For anything else use and image which you feel is suitable.

The featured image is important because it become the thumbnail for post excerpts, RSS feeds and when you share you review via social media.

Categories are very important, they:

  • help readers find articles of interest
  • keep the archives organised
  • provide meta data for search engines


Use the author(s) name(s) and a genre. Also, use a category under ‘Equality and Diversity’ if one applies.

Example: When I reviewed Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. I selected the following categories:

  • Author: Evan Winter
  • Genre: Epic/High Fantasy (large scope, civilisation at risk etc.)
  • Equality and Diversity: BAME
  • I also created a tag: ‘The Burning’ because Rage of Dragons is the first installment in ‘The Burning’ series
Note: please do not use the top-level genres ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Sci-fi’. Always select a sub-genre,
such as ‘Dark/Grimdark’, ‘Space Opera’, and ‘Epic Fantasy’.


Use a category under ‘Bookish Thoughts’ for most things that are not a review. Also use the author(s), if relevant.