2019: Favourite Reads and Covers


The Mistborn Leatherbounds are simply stunning! I believe you can only purchase them via Brandon Sanderson’s Website for $100 each. Each comes with amazing artwork. There is also a cool Mistborn early era set in Grey.

The Kingkiller Choronicle as has a beautiful leatherbound edition, as well a ridiculously stunning special edition version with epic art!!

Moving away from special edition versions of book covers, I’ve selected Rage of Dragons, Age of Legend and Foundryside. The Rage of Dragons cover is epic. The background looks like a carved piece of stone containing lots of fine detail. In the foreground is a shield, a verity of weapons and a really cool dragon! The Foundryside cover, is actually the second version I have seen of Foundryside, and in my opinion is far better. The protagonist is all about cloak and dagger.Finally, the Age of Legend cover is more traditional in style and font than the previous two books, but look closely at the detail, it’s beautiful and absolutely how I picture areas of the world when reading the series. I also love the the ‘gang’ looking over the swampy area.

My 4*+ Reads from 2019

  • 5* – Mistborn 01: The Final Empire
  • 5* – Mistborn 02: The Well of Ascension
  • 5* – Mistborn 03: The Hero of Ages
  • 5* – Kingkiller Chronicle: The Name of the Wind
  • 5* – Kingkiller Chronicle:The Wise Man’s Fear
  • 4.5* – The Burning 01: The Rage of Dragons
  • 4.5* – The Founders Trilogy 01: Foundryside
  • 4.5* Legends of the First Empire 03: Age of War
  • 4* Legends of the First Empire 01: Age of Myth
  • 4* Legends of the First Empire 02: Age of Sword
  • 4* Legends of the First Empire 04: Age of Legend
  • 4* Lightbringer 01:The Black Prism
  • 4* Lightbringer 02: The Blind Knife
  • 4* A Chorus of Dragons 02: The Name of All Things
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